Thursday, March 17, 2016

New TANABE JDBoxR specialty folder gluer for York Container.

The USA based York Container Company invest in a brand new TANABE JDBoxR specialty folder gluer.
To read the article about this state of the art machine, please click on the link below.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New TANABE JD BoxR for Heathpak

The latest instllation of a new TANABE JD BoxR specialty folder gluer was at Heathpak, located in South Wales.
After 5 days of installation and an additional 5 days of operator training, the (unexperienced) operators where able to run different kinds of solid board boxes, like 4-corner, double wall and leak proof boxes.
Equipped with 2 PVA glue pumps and 8 non contact glue guns as well as 2 hotmelt systems with 10 guns, Heathpak is able to run a wide range of box styles.

Monday, March 16, 2015

New TANABE JD BoxR sold during the CCE in Munich

 Many thanks to all our customers for making the CCE 2015 to a great sucses for JD engineers and our partner Alliance. One of the highlights was the visit of Mr. Heath of Heathpak. Located in the UK, Mr. Heath did sign the contract for a new Tanabe JD Boxr 1700. Equipped with a special T-unit and a 6-corner device Heathpak will be able to run a wide range of products, including leak proof boxes with PE coating due to 2 hotmelt systems and 2 PVA glue systems. Because the T-unit is multi-functional, even double wall boxes are possible.

Monday, February 16, 2015

TANABE JDBoxR Ejection unit.

After the sucsesfull introduction of the T-unit for folding leakproof boxes, JDengineers now introduced the ejection unit. This unit is developed and produced by JDengineers in The Netherlands.
At the same time we introduced our JDengineers glue inspection system. This is a full automatic system is integrated into the operating system. No operator settings are required. In combination with the standard dry-time control, lenght control and the ejection unit (up to 60.000 pcs./hour), this is the best possible solution in the market at the moment for having 100% good boxes at the conveyor, nessesary for automatic take off systems.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

TANABE JDBoxR extended with special T-unit for folding leakproof boxes.

JDengineers added an special T-unit to the existing TANABE JDBoxR at Principal Packaging.
With this unit, Principal packaging is able to run PE coated leakproof box styles.